Spread The Happiness

How to Participate

  • Choose your team

    Decide which team you’d like to be part of.

  • Make your run & record distance

    Carry your fitness tracker/app.

    Take a screenshot, or a snap of the distance you’ve run.

  • Submit your entry

    Fill out a short note for the team you've selected from and submit your entry, including the screenshot/snap.



  • Participants can select their team only once.
  • Participants should run a minimum of 3.5 kms to be eligible for participation.
  • PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon will contribute Rs.50 for every participant.
  • Every participant's entry will be validated by PNB MetLife.
  • The team that covers the maximum distance will win.
  • The top runner from each team will get a grand prize.

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