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Sick Of Smoking? Explore The Fun Side To Quitting Smoking

Explore the Fun Side to Quit Smoking

Have been tired of inhaling that addictive nicotine but the never-ending craving is refusing to co-operate? The road to bidding adieu to the dangerous little cylinder could be interesting, adventurous and worthwhile if you are really sick of its enslavement.
You just tell yourself that you are ready to make this small sacrifice to add years and happiness to your life, while we tell you some awesome and interesting ways to get rid of your weakness and start your journey towards leading a healthier, smoke-free life.
Set a date to quit ciggies
Choose a date when you plan to say good bye to your smoking habit forever and sign a “quit date contract” with your name and signature on it and that of your friends and family too. Also write down the reasons for quitting on an index card and keep it close to you so that you are reminded of your decision. Research has also found that quitting smoking can be contagious, so in doing this, you are also helping your friends and colleagues get rid of this habit. Throw away those lighters and ashtrays, which will certainly make it extremely difficult for you to smoke.  
Effectively deal with smoking triggers
Just like the case of giving up other bad habits, quitting smoking also boils down to psychology, meaning that you list down your triggers and find out ways to avoid them. For example, if you have a habit of smoking after a meal, then you can take a walk instead of lighting that cigar. The idea is to keep your mind occupied elsewhere so that you avoid thinking about smoking.
Make a list of things to do when craving strikes
Jot down a list of items to do when that longing to have a cigarette hits you. These could include having a glass of water, watching television, catching hold of your headphones and taking a walk whilst listening to music, chewing a piece of gum, etc.
Replace smoking with healthy activities
Blame it on the modern-day lifestyles with most of us having being caught up in this never ending rat race, that we hardly find the time or the will to exercise and stay super active. Studies show that exercising is not just good for the human body but it’s a great way to cut down cravings by increasing your heart rate, which in turn reduces the desire for a cigarette. So spending some time at a local gym won’t just keep you in top shape but also could do wonders as far as helping you quit smoking.  
Focus on your reasons for quitting
It’s very important that you stay focused on the reason behind your decision to give up smoking. While health is probably the primary reason for most smokers to put a stop, for some it is family too, given that as parents you must set a good example for your kids to follow.
Are you in a good mood?
Quit rightaway- research has shown that quitting smoking is much easier when a person is happy than if he is depressed or under some stress.
Analyze your cigarette spending
Smoking is not only a health hazard but it can burn a hole in your pocket. Make note of your weekly or monthly cigarette spending. Imagine how much you can save by turning into a non-smoker, maybe enough to take a world tour someday! This will certainly get your mind off that nicotine addiction.
Need affordable insurance? Quit smoking
Smoking is tied to a series of major health issues like Cancer, respiratory illness, heart diseases etc. Looking at the seriousness of these maladies and the higher death rates they carry, it isn’t too hard to see why the insurance companies charge higher premiums from smokers. 
Insuring a smoker is also a double-edged sword for the insurance companies as they not only end up paying extra for the claims but get less premium revenue since smokers “vanish like smoke”—the proverbial transient substance. Hence, an insurer must build both the aspects into a smoker’s rates in order to cover claims by the insured and, at the same time, make some profit for the company.
As a smoker, if do not quit, you may have to shell out a much higher amount on premiums for your life insurance plan. Generally, smokers pay almost 1.5 to 2 times the premium charged for non-smokers for online term plans.
Talking to peers, friends, family and being part of support groups can also provide a helping hand in curing your smoking habit. It would also be advised to carry some healthy snack with you such as sunflower seeds, sugar-free lollipops, gum, and nuts, so that whenever your heart craves for that cigarette, you can keep your mouth and hands busy with these instead. Happy Non-Smoking!


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