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High-Tech Running: 5 must-have gadgets for runners

5 must-have Gadgets for Runners
It’s often said that runners don’t need anything besides a pair of shoes, and the willingness to run, to start off. But even if you have started with the bare basics, it’s hard to miss the clamor of various gadgets and tech accessories that are being targeted at runners. So which ones should you pick? There’s no definite answer and your choice will depend heavily on what you require from the said gadget. So here are a few use-cases and the gadgets that fit the bill for them.
Testing your strategy
Preparing for a race is a daunting task, especially if you have a goal in mind. Accessories like smart insoles help you set and test your race strategy in real-time by giving you data about your cadence, strides and more through its smartphone app. It uses a pair of insoles with multiple sensors that not only track all aspects of your running form but also analyze your running style. This helps you perform better and keep serious injuries at bay.
Track all the things
A stylish and easy-to- use fitness band keeps a count of your every move. It features a medical-grade hypoallergenic TPU rubber strap for wearing comfort. Activity trackers keeps a count of your steps, calories, distance covered and goals achieved. Some trackers also act as an SOS device to help you in times of emergency. It addition it also gives you timely reminders for hydration and your medicines. Finally, it shows notifications alerts for incoming calls, emails and messages on social media.
Staying UV safe
Despite lathering on layers of sunscreen, the sun does get to you, and if you are a runner who is finicky about running in the sun, then it’s best to know how bad the great scorcher be before setting out. A UV sensor comes in handy, especially as when it’s in the portable form of a fitness band. In addition, some fitness trackers feature a GPS chip and a heart rate monitor for more accurate readings.
Knowing your hydration
Sometimes, people just forget to stay hydrated while running, which is why smart water cups are a great option for forgetful runners. Smart cups feature a sharp memory LCD display that shows the weather, current time, calendar, as well as hydration reminders. You can set reminders based on your drinking target and the time intervals you need to drink water in. Apart from these alerts, the cup also warns you when the water may be too hot for drinking, or when the cup has been unused for a while and the contents might be stale.
Keep your heart healthy
A heart rate monitor is essential for serious and new runners as well. It shows exactly how much you are exerting yourself. Your heart rate while working in the heat will differ vastly from the winter months. As your heart rate hits the high numbers, it can cause your core body temperature to rise and cause the body to overheat and get dehydrated faster. With wearables that feature this sensor, you can accurately track your heart rate while running.
Of course the list of running accessories and gadgets in the market is nearly endless, and each day newer products are launched. Once you get the hang of that, picking a high-tech running gadget will become an easier task.

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