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Fitness Hacks: 5 Ways To Get A Daily Workout Even On Busy Work Days

Fitness Hacks

Yes, we have all been there and have had to make some excuse or the other to skip the workout. The good news is there’s a way around it, if you are willing to bring in a bit of discipline in your day-to-day life. And it won’t even involve too much of a lifestyle change since we know it can impact your work and personal life. 
At times we become so busy in our lives that we forget to take care of our health. But the simplest solutions are often overlooked in favor of leisure, which damages our health and fitness, makes us lazier and also increases risk of cardiac diseases and type-2 diabetes. There may be few among us who want to focus on their fitness but again hectic schedule comes in the way.
Here are a few life-hacks that you can use to make sure you never miss out on any chance to improve your fitness, while also ensuring that your everyday life isn’t thrown into a tizzy. 
Manage your calendar
In order to get fit in life, you have to fit your exercises in your daily calendar. Research has shown that even a 15-minute brisk walk a day can help you remain active and give a good workout to your muscles. So even on your busiest day, pencil in at least 30 minutes for your workout, including the run, warm-up and cool-down.
Can’t run? Just bang out three sets of pushups, crunches and squats and in just 15 minutes you can be ready to take on the day! The best way to squeeze out time from your day is to cut down on leisure time. Cut down your sleep by 10-15 minutes and then make sure you are extra productive at work to save some more time. Eliminate activities that are not as important as your workout, such as TV hour in the evening. 
Stick to your schedule.
Once you had added a workout to your calendar, make sure you meet the goal. Often people put workouts on the backburner for other activities in the day. Your fitness is crucial and doesn’t need to be relegated. Like we said even a 15-minute jog or brisk walk is enough to keep you active, and your mind ready for any stressful situation. With each new training session increase your intensity, and push yourself to perform the workouts or run better. 
Curb your diet
Working out is one thing, but eating well is just as crucial, so when you are not working out, make sure you are eating nutritious food that balances your calorie requirements with nutrients. Don’t go on crash diets to make up for the lack of exercise time. They often make you weaker and less capable of performing at your best. A great day begins with a great breakfast, which helps kick-start your body’s metabolic function and energizes your day. Research has shown that skipping breakfast does more harm to your weight loss than eating two breakfasts. 
Use your environment
Whether you are working in an office building or spend your day in an apartment complex, a flight of stairs is never far away. Avoid the elevators as much as possible, and also take stairs instead of the escalator. Going on a long flight? Make use of the lengthy terminals to get those 15 minutes of brisk walking, or walk up and down the aisle after it’s safe to do so. Take a break from work and go on a 15 minute walk when feeling burnt out or tired. This will refresh you like nothing else. Heading to the shop? Take to your feet, instead of the steering wheel or a motorcycle. 
Head outdoors! 
The weekend is here and you might want to spend it at home relaxing, but make a trip to the nearest nature park or sanctuary and you will not only have an enriching travel experience, but inadvertently get your workout as well. Trail runs are immensely fun in the rain, but make sure you find a track that’s not perilous to life. Attend a yoga camp on the weekend, or sign up for a weekend dance fitness class. There’s a whole new world of fitness options available these days – from pole dancing to martial arts – that will satisfy your need to get moving and active. 


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