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PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon and Mobiefit invite you to run for a cause, in India's biggest digital marathon, and more importantly #RunForHappiness. With the introduction of the digital element, eliminating all geographical restrictions, we are calling out to all fitness enthusiasts in the country to participate and contribute to a worthy cause on a national scale. PNB MetLife will be contributing Rs.50 per individual who covers the minimum distance of 3.5 kms. The runner who covers the maximum distance in their respective team will win fitness goodies.

Why lace up?

At the heart of Digital Marathon is a cause that has been yearning for attention. Total proceeds from the Digital Marathon will go towards bolstering Maharashtra government's Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan project which aims to free the state from drought by 2019. PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon is proud to be associated with this noble cause.

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Who would you run with?

  • Team

    Milind Soman

    Running is one of the most natural things in the world. Pick a fitness goal and chase it. Do what moves you - and never give up.

  • Team

    Gul Panag

    Running and exercise in general makes you a more productive human being because it leads to secretion of endorphins in our body.

  • Team
    Rock n Rolla


    Being fit is a great feeling, a purposeful movement of sorts that takes place like a shift in your entire perspective of things.

  • Team
    Great Indian Runners

    Kaushal Chauhan

    Bravest of the brave have run, greatest of the great have run, there is no reason why you shouldn't.

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