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  • Physical Fitness at PNB Metlife

    About Us

    We at PNB MetLife believe that physical fitness is as important to a person's happiness as fiscal fitness. We understand that 'health' and 'wealth' go hand in hand and hence we work to not only help you realize your financial goals but also attain a healthy way of living. With this in mind, we have launched various initiatives to encourage our employees and customers to proactively build a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Today, we lead sedentary lives, where sitting for long periods sans physical activity has slowly paved way for health disorders. Lifestyle related illnesses are such a common occurrence today, that the lack of health disorders in an individual is in itself a surprise!

  • Join us in our Endeavour

    A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that India as a nation will have the most lifestyle-related disorders in the near future. In the face of such alarming news, we as an organization, want to care for our employees and customers. The WHO has also reported that exercise such as walking, cycling, and other sports, which are of moderate intensity, can go a long way to keep health disorders at bay.

    This has fueled us to launch various health initiatives to encourage health and fitness among our customers and employees. As a part of our value added services for our customers, PNB MetLife has launched Health Connect which offers 24 x 7 doctors on call, preventive health and wellness packages, Second medical opinion & more.

    Join us in our endeavour

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